Ding ding ding didi-ding-ding

I'm under pressure. I have had a wedding, funerals (yup more than one!), plane tickets, expenses, website projects, birthday parties, Dinagyang duties, pasalubong, payrolls, work on my mind for the last few days. That's a lot to think about. What more, I need a dress for the wedding - an issue which I had set aside because I thought I can get away with wearing a pair of formal pants to my brother's wedding; but apparently, as sister of the groom, I was told that I would look under-dressed next to my female family members who would all be donning a skirt for the occasion. I will need a dress by tomorrow.

I'm obviously not a girly girl. But I need a comfortable dress. I saw a very expensive dress at Options which actually fit - it's a bit dark for a wedding but it's blue and black so more or less near the wedding motif and more or less me. Or I could just buy a cheap dress but I haven't found anything that fit, anything I like or anything formal enough for a wedding. So here I am arguing with myself if I should buy the expensive dress. I figured it would be an investment, I would now have a wedding uniform to wear in all the weddings I'm to attend - of course I'd probably opt for a pair of formal trousers if I can get away with it but a dress is surely something every girl needs right?

I'm under pressure. Ding ding ding didi-ding-ding.

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