Don't Dare Me

Been working nights trying to get some things done when all my projects are just coming in all at the same time. So trying to control the wave by dealing with the first few ripples first. I take breaks in-between by running after the baby who has discovered walking very fast in his walker. And he moves like a catfish. And at 8 months, he had started to bite and pull hair.

Anyway, was entertaining the kid by doing goofy dances when suddenly I started singing, "Ready to make you move, Step across the line, Touch me one more time, Don't dare me" from memory. I didn't even know who sang that song but I love that song and it was a blast from the past.

So I decided to google it and found the right lyrics and the Pointer Sisters in You Tube. What can I say, I was an 80s teenager. Life will not be complete without the Pointer Sisters.

I love this song. I love Jump for my love and the Neutron Dance. They don't make it like this anymore :) It felt so cool to dance with these songs back then. Haha.

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