Work - Issshhhhhhh

Things turned a bit toxic when I got back from Davao. I don't mind my day job - that one is manageable - well, maybe except for the fact that I will be working today - which should have been a holiday here in Iloilo. But it can't be avoided.

For the freelance work, I am nostalgic of the days when I used to handle one website every two months. Now I'm handling three or four at the same time which is a bit hell to keep track of but I'm getting good at it. I have somewhat of a system in place which makes work faster. Still, I long for the days when I can do other things at night - like read :D

I remembered when we played Pinoy Henyo last Christmas with the kids - and they let us pick the words to guess. And my sister picked hiligaynon words like "kisame" (ceiling) and "yab-ok" (dust) and nobody could get the words. Then the kids paid back by having us guess words like "hangin" (air) - and we guessed it with time to spare. The kids didn't realized that the trick to Pinoy Henyo is deduction (going from the general to the specifics) and listening only to to one person you trust who will get you to the word you need.

The trick to getting the job done is logic: deductive reasoning - taking the general and going to specifics or vice versa or just removing the whats-not with the what -can-bes. And just listening to just one person - the client. I remember someone telling me that if you solve root of the problem first - then things will just fall into place.

I'm watching a movie with a friend tonight. I need to rest my mind or they will fry.

Tao? Hindi. Hayop? Hindi. Bagay? Hindi. Liquid? Hindi. Gas? Oo.
Aso (Smoke)? Pwede. Utot? Pwede.
Hangin! Oo!

La lang. Hehe.

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