A working break

When I got home yesterday, I felt sooooo knotted up thst all I can do is read. I had to stay away from my computer for awhile. My life revolves too much around my digital life that my real life just seem unreal - the reverse of Inception - my real vs the sureal - well, you get my drift.

So today, I decided to stay  away from my pc some more and work on another project. One which requires hard labor - like cleaning and re-arranging my room. Half of the day was saving a small shelf from it's miserable state. It required a screwdriver, lots of ill fitting screws, scissors and double-sided tape. I was on all fours with reddish sore hands but I am very satisfied with my work. My room is clean - although the word "clean" is subjective in this household; and I'm typing from my newly rejuvenated work area in my room. The pc still stays outside so I can stop looking at the bed when I'm working long hours into the night. I still have a four inch pile of papers to go through to make my workplace feel like a real one but I feel accomplished - like I've just lost 35 lbs. or got paid for making 3 websites - LOL. I wish!

Anyways, I will be back to working the computer tomorrow and snubbing everybody who wants to chat that is not work related. I will be back to my normal self again soon enough folks.

A quick hi to our bunsoy who's in the hospital right now. Please, be a monkey and eat plenty of bananas. You will be an ape real soon so you need to take care of yourself.

To my BFFs, sorry for the neglect - but you know me long enough not to complain. I miss you too :)

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