Against the wind

The President came by our office today. Yes, I meant the President of the Philippines.

On my free time (nyahaha), I work for the government in this huge building at the center of city. Now, it's quite common to have important people visiting our building all the time. I've seen a lot of politicians / celebrities come by from Cory Aquino, Manny Pacquaio to Miss Hawaiii-Philippines. So there is a large range of personalities we get to see - even celebrities I don't even know about. I even shook hands with Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas when they were still running for the top positions during the election campaign. But I voted for someone else - who also came to visit our building - but didn't get to shake his hands. (I'll give you a clue - he's a pilot - LOL.)

The only time I got really psyched-up to see someone up close was when Parokya ni Edgar came to visit and I did my best to get a closer look. I wanted to see Chito - genius that he is - I didn't even dare take a picture with him when I had a chance. I don't know. It just not me. If people flock to a certain magnet, I tend to turn the other way.

As I was saying, the president came to town. The ID card I designed a few months ago haven't been given out because we were waiting for the ID Band that's suppose to go with it. They were finally delivered the day before the visit when everybody was jumping everywhere getting ready. We've been told that we had to wear the ID at all times during the Presidential visit and while we are in the building premises. They distributed the ID about an hour before everyone was to go home so a bit of panic for those who didn't have IDs ensued but all ended well.

We were told that we have to get early lunches and be on the lobby to welcome the President by noon. He arrives at 1pm. So we were planning our workload so we didn't have to leave anything hanging while we were waiting downstairs.

On the day of the visit we were told to stay outside of the building on the duration of the President's visit. For security reasons, they will be limiting the number of people inside the premises so we were asked to stay outside. Sad to say I'm not that important. But I'm happy to say I don't really mind LOL.

So yes, I did stay outside - way outside. So no, I didn't get to see the President. I've seen him before - just last year when I shook his hands - so I don't think his face would change that much. I didn't want to join a shoving crowd so I let them have their fun.

I think the best part of the President's visit is when he remarked of how beautiful Ilonggo women are. LOL. What can I say - there is real truth to that.

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