Life is sooo peculiar

So I've been thinking ...

Am I going way over my head by taking new complicated jobs? Or maybe I should take the risk and learn something in the process? I actually looove doing this. It's new and exciting and so much to see and learn. It's quite a challenge. But it scares the hell out of me.

What was that movie about change? That when you see change happening, your heart beats faster, adrenalin starts pumping and everything around you goes on alert mode. Because it's expecting, it's waiting for something to explode, go wrong or maybe that magical moment, when everything goes right as planned! Because as much as change is the most life threatening experience you'll ever encounter, it's also probably the most exhilarating event that you will remember most when you grow old.

So here I am again. Rationalizing fear. Justifying. Pushing myself to take a leap when I'm most at my most logical and safe being.

I can't be satisfied. Life is too big of an adventure to just say, "I'm okay here. Let me stay here. Don't bother me here." There's a rebel inside me somewhere ... a Darna. Right now I can't see her. But hell, I'd like her to show her ugly head and kiss tomorrow goodbye. Co'z life is too short.

I need to have a little faith in me. And some courage would not hurt a bit.

Carpe diem.

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