General Motors

My sister and I have decided to try out the General Motors Diet. Mainly because we definitely need a weight loss program because we are obese and bordering on the unhealthy - no, scratch that - we are unhealthy. And since we don't seem to be attracted to the Zumba trend - which is quite strange because we love dancing - we decided to try this one out and see where it takes us a week from now.

So ... I started on papaya this morning.

I have very little self- restraint when it comes to food but I was thinking that if I can't show a little self-control on food for one week - then I'm probably hopeless. But I'm pretty determined to prove to myself that I'm not entirely hopeless. I'm always a possibility. At least I tell myself that haha.

So let's wait and see. Will keep you posted. No hunger pangs yet.

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