Wok is relative

It's important to me that I love my work. If I can't be rich enough to bask in the sun 24/7, the best thing I can do is enjoy what I do and get paid for it.

Although I make excuses not to go somewhere else to relax because of work, it does not necessarily mean that work is all I do. I do go out with friends, I do take vacations, I do work that I hate and I do work that I love to hate.

I am very much aware that there should be a balance in work and play. But just because you don't see me in facebook basking in the sun, it doesn't mean I'm not getting that balance.

Mini-breaks can be reading a book, watching a movie, coffee or drinks or desserts with friends, or just enjoying time with family at home or somewhere else. All that to me is as enjoyable as dancing in the streets, frolicking in the pool or just enjoying the view. There are different levels of bliss of course. A good balance to me means more smiles than frowns in a day. That to me is a good day.

Chances are, if you don't hear from me, it's probably because I'm having a mini-break or maybe immensely happy with my work ... or play.

And if you do see me in facebook, it's probably because I'm in-between mini-breaks :)

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