I'll be damned

I’ve developed a week-day habit of skipping breakfast to get to work on time because I have to commute, because sister decided to sleep longer and can't get me to work with the car. When I get to the office, a cup of coffee would suffice to get me through the morning. Then at lunch, to avoid cafeteria food and going out in the scorching heat, I soothe my hungry stomach with oatmeal. When 3pm comes, I would be attacked by headaches and my hands would be shaking from hunger. That signals me to get a cup of coffee plus snack or get something more sustaining, like a proper meal before I pass out. I was not aware of my limits till today. On my way down to get some food at 4pm, the world suddenly darkened and tipped. I was able to grab hold of the banister and with the support of walls, make my way down to the cafeteria to revive myself from the impending gloom.

This must stop. Even now, I can feel my hands turning to jelly and my mind in slow motion. Must make conscious effort to eat even all I can have is fish and rice. And I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. Even I can't stand my whinning. Must grab the bull by the horns and twist it.

I got an invite for a weekend in Boracay at the 2nd week of March. I know I’m broke but I’m seriously considering the change of scenery. If my brothers keep their promise, I will have my weekend break and get that peace of mind that has long eluded me.

Damn the splint. Damn the bills. Damn the bloody heat.


:) said...

go! go! go to Bora! please? :)

coffee, wheat bread slice and/or papaya slice works for me in the am, but must have proper lunch by 1230 latest or i die ;-)

you take care of yourself girl. :)


Maria said...

aww that's too bad, you should not abuse yourself like that... I don't eat breakfast in the morning but I make sure I have something during lunch time or I'll die...

I hope you get your much awaited weekend break...smile

Outburst said...

I always feel dizzy and grumpy if I haven't eaten.
Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day too.

Bunny said...

I think the beach would be good for you. Take that trip! And please, kumain ka naman! sabay tayong magpataba! hehehehe!