After blogging too many down moments for the past month, it's time to put rainbows on this blog. So for much awaited good news:

[RED] The electric bill for this month is less by Php 1500.00 compared to last month because of not using certain appliances as ordered by presidential decree signed by me. Not everyone is happy about this but I guess they got tired of my whinning so everyone cooperated. Nice to see results for a change.

[ORANGE] Sister has finished her Visa interview and needs one more document for approval. I have my hopes up and my fingers crossed. When she gets home from Manila, she's bringing me books. (hehehe happy).

[YELLOW] Youngest brother did his thesis defense this morning. Which means he will be graduating this April. At Last! No more tuition fees to pay (except maybe mine - grin ... see green)

[GREEN] They haven't closed applications for scholarship for undergrads to finish college. Which means I might still be able to make it. I'm taking steps for application. Who knows I might get lucky and stop hearing this song at the back of my mind: "Kung natapos ko ang aking pag-aaral, di ba sana mayroon na akong dangal, naihaharap sa yo at ipag-yayabang ..." (If I had finished school, I would have the honor to show you and boast about ... pangit pala pag-english.)

[BLUE] I'm not the kind of person who dreams or remembers dreams but I've been having nightmares about this ghost that only I could see - a young man I've never met before in some old wooden house I've never been to. He scares me but the good news is I always wake up - hahaha.

[INDIGO] Brother #3 and his daughter will be coming down to visit tomorrow. Will be able to see my cute newspaper ad fashion-model niece again (smile)

[VIOLET] I have a future date with a guy na di ko ma-reach! - hahaha.

Thank God for rainbows.

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