While talking with friends just outside the gates of my house, the on-going conversation was ended abruptly by something that whoooshed by. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It can’t be Superman – he died and gone to heaven. It must be Road Runner (beep, beep). But no, it was the ex -- on a fast-racing bike -- at top speed. And my friends can’t stop themselves so they shout out to him, asking him to drop by, say hello, see how he will react that I’m right there in the midst of them. But he didn’t. Which is good … I think. That was the whole point of the whooshing by, right? As if Satan was at his heels and he was running for his life. He knew I was there. They were at my gate after all and he knew that gate by heart after 8 years of talking in front of that same gate.

The problem with breaking-up with your best friend, is that you both can’t be together with the same group of friends at the same time. So it doesn’t sit well with me that he had to avoid our friends because I am there. Or me, avoid them because he’s with them. Which is so the case for the past few months. But it must be done. I have moved on. And so must he. It’s just been very difficult for him. He has just put-up a business, with my name on the signboard (purely coincidence – really weird, too.) doesn’t help either because he has to see it every day.

Anyway, one of my friends sent him a message, asking him why he couldn’t drop by. His answer was: “I can’t. Because you’re behind enemy lines. Hahaha.”

It should piss me off that I’m marked as the enemy. But I’m not. I’m relieved that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. And I’m glad he has decided to whoosh by my life to preserve his peace. It's such a comfort that I haven't messed up somebody's life because I just didn't want to be with them. I look forward for the day we become friends again, without the extra baggage. Whoosh he must amd whoosh he has. I'm happy for him.

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:) said...

me too, i'm happy for you both :D

whoosh, whoosh, whoosh away ;-)