Trellis in the Bahay Kubo Garden

Originally uploaded by ilongga70.

I'm getting the hang of photography. I just need to remember that all details: light, speed, apperture, distance, are important - hehehe. I tend to forget that I don't have a digital camera with me. I get excited for a nice shot and forget to adjust one thing and it totally ruins the whole picture. So I'm going back and reshoot this again ... and maybe break it to pieces if it doesn't turn out well.

This pic describes my future in this third-world country - blurry, off-focus, unfruitful and dry. :) So I just try to just get through the here and now. I love it here. This is home; but there is no future here. It's sad but true. I hope that things will improve, but if I need to, have to ... and the opportunity presents itself, I will not hesitate to leave. I'll just bring my camera with me.

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