Blue to white

I didn't realize that I worry people with my words. I sort of just say anything that comes to mind without really thinking how people would read into it. It is a journal after all, right? And isn’t it supposed to be an unedited version of your thoughts? ... without the ramblings and the nonsense. But who can do without the ramblings and the nonsense? When they fill in the empty spaces in between the words?

I blog for therapy. I usually find myself blogging when I’m having a horrific day, or when I’m extremely blissful, or when I really have nothing else to do … like now. Most of the time, it’s usually the first reason because I tend to write short entries when I’m too happy. So this blog does look kind of depressing, doesn’t it? Hehehe.

Re-read my last entry and starting to think that people imagined me as either crazy or depressive. (Grin) Truth is, I'm a bit of both. And I'm also a bit of happy, and sarcastic and ... odd. But who cares? That's me and I don't want to change. It makes me feel better to tell the world whatever eccentrics my mind will conjure. It's better to see them in words rather have them materialize into ... something equally strange.

Thanks for cheering me up people. Things get better. I’m not going to die alone. And I wear my hair down so there’s little possibility of that bun unless the weather dictates it. The Viking has volunteered to be my therapist, everyone seems to think I need one - HAHAHAHA, so I’m in good hands. All is well with the world.

I’m working on a blog make-over. Nothing drastic. Just a change of curtains to let the sun shine in. So I’m turning the blue into white. What do you think?


Outburst said...

There are things i don't post anymore for that exact reason.
If you're doing a makeover, get rid of the popup window too huh?
Unless you're making money off it or something, then it's okay. ;)

Anonymous said...

i love the blue hue. it relaxes me.

then again, do whatever you deem fit :)