Heroes and Harry

Remember the days when we read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins? Remember how weird it was that we we're all getting older and Nancy and Ned remained in college? And they were suppose to be the smart over-achiever kind? Just like Barbie, they've all been frozen in time and plastic. Aren't we glad Harry Potter gets to celebrate his birthday every year and actually go through the stages of puberty and awkwardness?

Spent the weekend reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Halfway through it, I got it - the ending - hehehe - Promise I won't reveal anything that will result to me getting violent emails or a flip-flop on the head. I'm quite contented on how it ended. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Man must realize that there are things he just can't control. The sooner the person realizes this, the easier his life becomes. Of course, being a difficult person that I am, I am not one of these people who had that epiphany. It's going to take me years to get there.

Like all heroes, Harry must face his greatest adversity. Superman meets kryptonite. Batman meets his demons. The Highlander must accept the curse of immortality or off with his head. Frodo comes face to face with his greed. Luke Skywalker must fight with his father (like every average son gets to do at least once in their lifetime). Wasn't it Spiderman who said, "With great power comes great responsibility?".

Makes me think I should cry like Tina Turner: I need a hero! One who not only regards me as his greatest adversary, but his greatest prize. Hehehe. I'm not only dreaming, I'm probably hallucinating as well. And giving myself too much credit. That's why all heroes are fiction. None of these crap exist. So, I remain a cat lady. It's not so bad. My dying wish would be to find out if I could be worth fighting for. Be worth the greatest adversity. By the looks of things, I will not find this out until I reach my death bed.

Note to self: Must warn Viking of witches with love potions. And FYI, there are no witches in my country. Only tikbalangs Manananggal (hahaha, thanks V! Goes to show, I know nothing about ghosts). They are women who cut their bodies in half, grow wings and fly to take newly born babies from their mothers. Hmmmm. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


:) said...

manananggal na ya parts :D... lain pa gid ang tikbalangs

denden said...

hi ilongga! kamusta?

i still have to read harry potter, no time yet. hehe

ilongga70 said...

hehehe. correct gali. Mananagal. My mistake.

Hi Den! I'm pyne. ay fine gle.

Anonymous said...

"None of these crap exist"

losing hope, yeah?


ilongga70 said...

not losing hope akira. I'm being realistic =P

balikbayan_box said...

mananggal scares me waaaaaaaaaaa

nangumusta lang :)