A friend's sister died recently. Her name was Melinda. Nobody in her family knew she had breast cancer. She was brought to the hospital because she was feverish and was in pain. While there, she finally confessed she had cancer and after a few minutes, died in the emergency room. Her family had to find out about her "unexpected" death from her sister, the only person home that time to bring her to the hospital.

Only then did the family shed some light to mysterious things happening in the house. Why they would suddenly find bloody cotton balls in the trash. Why their mother takes so long to use the bathroom. Why whe would always automatically seem to cover her chest when she bumps into something. It was her decision not to seek treatment for her cancer. Maybe because she knew, they wouldn't be able to afford it. In a way it was a death sentence. One she gave to herself.

Q: Is not seeking treatment for a fatal disease a form of suicide? Is surrendering to one's mortality a death sentence?

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balikbayan_box said...

wow this post really hits home.

passing by and reading some of your posts.

hope all is well :)

my prayers for your sisters friend Melinda.