Pictures burn

Kid's Dinagyang held January 26. Never found out who won the kid's competition. But they were nice enough to pose for me.

Kasadyahan, January 28, 2006. Tribu Manuggama from Maasin won first prize, besting Tribu Tultugan, also from Maasin.

Dinagyang January 29, 2006. Tribe Ilonganon won this year taking the crown away from Silak. Think they deserved to win although it was a close fight. Didn't post pics for those tribes though. Chose only the shots I really liked.

The result of my day in the sun. The line on my wrist was where my watch was. I am now tri-colored. I have a different skin tone in different parts of the body. No sunblock. I did bring an umbrella but handed it over to a pitiful father who had small kids watching in the heat. I told myself, this only happens once a year. And hopefully, the damage can be remedied by Likas Papaya. Hehehe. It damn stings! I also have a semi-permanent uneven blush on my cheeks. My friends thought I was wearing make-up. Lol. Promise to wear long sleeves and some sunblock next time :)


mellowyellow said...

Sun hasnt shone for days here its frosty and cold - wish i could jump into one of your pictures...

shawnazon said...

Ouch! poor thing.