Street Blues

listening to: Hill Street Blues - Mike Post. I can't sing it because it doesn't have lyrics.

Nothing can make overtime work more bearable than listening to cool songs that makes you think blue skies, beaches and sunglasses in the midst of low air-conditioning, bright sunlight and the monitor. :)

Been working weekends since last week in preparation for the upcoming Dinagyang Festival. Making graphics for stage tickets and printing and cutting them so people could throw them away after the show or for the more sensible, use them as bookmarks. I will be working tomorrow too and next weekend. I don't have a life! There. I said it. Will that make me feel better? Hahaha. NOPE!

Spent my lunch break on a stroll on streets covered with different colored banderitas (tiny flaglets hung across streets to remind people that festivities are ongoing and thus, they have to at least grin! - hehehe). The good thing about banderitas is that it covers the ugly electric lines hovering above the buildings like stains you can't get rid of even with Ariel Laundry Detergent. Do the banderitas beautify the city? Nope. They just hide the chaos with a coat of paint which would soon peel off.

On my stroll, I took my camera with me. I realized that I would never be a good photographer. I'm too self-conscious. When I stop to get a picture of something interesting, people would stop and look. Like they've never seen a camera before! Eaghhhhh! (Karate chop to passing onlookers). I hate it. Can anyone tell me how to be oblivious to people? If I can have super powers, it would be invisibility. They will see my camera but hey, they won't see me. I will be needing invisible clothes too. Too cool and hot this time of year.

Had my braces tightened last Thursday. It hurts like hell. For two days, I've been eating oatmeal. Wonder if researcher friend had his removed. Wonder if he has discovered that Quaker Oats now have strawberry and banana and honey flavored oatmeal. Anyway, had pancakes for lunch. It's the only food I can buy and chew without me squinting at the pain each bite would cause. Sigh.

Back to work. After listening to: I will be in love with You by Livingston Taylor, I will now end this post with Michael McDonald's (sings) I keep forgetting I'm not in-love anymore.

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