Im tired. Was up and running at 5:30 am to help out check tickets in one of the stage areas for the Kasadyahan Festival. I had to deal with difficult people. There was this lady who claims she's from Mandurriao and that she's a senior's citizen. She didn't have a ticket but she won't budge. Like I don't care madame! These seats have tickets and if the ticket holder comes, I will have to ask you to leave. But I didn't. The ticketholder did come. And I asked her to move to another empty seat. Stubborn woman.

The short rainshower pushed everyone to take cover. That only made my job harder because the nearest roof would be the booth I was manning. Kept shouting tickets! Tickets! TICKETS!!!! Mad woman. I think everybody turned deaf at that point. No thanks to the drums that made themselves comfortable right in front of us. My ears are still throbbing.

Some shmuck pushed the leaking roof to drain it with water. The water emptied itself right in front of me. I dodn't mind that my jeans got splashed; but dammit! the water hit my camera. !@!#!#$@$! Good thing water didn't reach the lens although it got my filter. Fortunately, after the rain, the sun made up for lost time and turned on the warmth. It dried the filter and I was able to wipe the moist area with my shirt. But then, it started getting really hot. And since the guests have the priority seats, I got myself suntanned with my t-shirt on. :D Sheesh!

There are fewer groups this year. There were also celebrities I really didn't care about. Saw cast of Etherea and Pinoy Big Brother (they say those are TV celebrities. Hahaha. I didn't know who they were.) Didn't really care either. There was also this Christian Bautista. I think I heard of him. Poor guy got mobbed and got scratched. He developed a fear of shrieking ladies after that. The only grouped I lined up to see was Parokya ni Edgar. Chito was surprisingly cute. But even when pushed, I never allowed myself for a picture with Chito and the group or even try to get their autographs. Been there. Done that. (I was young! It won't happen again! Hahaha. )

Will post pictures soon. Right now, I just want to crawl to bed and dream of festivals without stubborn woman and no water leaking on roof. One more day to go.

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