Shades of gray

As a child, you didn't know the difference between right and wrong. You learn this daily, steadily. You learn that you can't touch fire because you get burned. You learn that you can't always get what you need no matter how much you cry. You learn that a hug always gets a hug back, that sweets, though enjoyable can lead to tooth aches. So you eventually learn to distinguish between right and wrong, black and white. And you learn to try to keep to the right path because following the wrong seem to lead you to situations you don't want to be in.

As you grow older, and get more responsibilities, you get exposed to situations that have blurred edges. Black and white has become different shades of gray. What is legally right may be morally wrong. What is financially beneficial may prove to be an emotional strain. What is perhaps right can be at other times wrong. Thus, the blurred edges, the masking of black and white.

I decided on the morally right thing today. That right, right now, feels emotional and financially wrong. But that has always been the case isn't it? The right is not always the most popular, and the most popular may not always be right.

Alas, to me, there is no more black and white. It's all in different shades of gray.

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