Disease of the mind

The diseases of the mind are more and more destructive than those of the body. - Cicero

I took my Dad to the hospital today for a CT Scan. He's been having weird blackouts. All of a sudden he forgets how to use his cellphone when minutes before he was thumbing it like an accountant would a calculator. We are to get results three days from now.

I, on the other hand, have been ordered to get a chest x-ray which I have managed to postpone for nearly a week. I'm having trouble breathing and have an increasing bad dose of asthma which I also choose to forget. It's bearable in the morning but at night, all sort of things worry my mind about my unknown diseases. The worry of the mind is much worse than not being able to breathe.

I am hard-headed like my father. We all are. It's not an excuse.

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