Freakingly Tired

I am. I was listening to West Wing last night while working until one in the morning. I suspect I finished a whole season just listening. I was listening because my eyes were on the computer the whole time. Looked up only when Mark Harmon, Allison Janey's new found bodyguard boyfriend was shot. Tsk tsk tsk.

The hazards of working alone. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Lack of sleep. Listening to movies instead of watching it. I am freakingly tired. You have to have passion in this line of work. Otherwise, you end up with mediocre jobs just to finish a project. And me, I don't want my name on it if it's just mediocre. Beige is my least favorite color - wehehehe. Nope, I don't like mediocre.

And I had to get up the next morning for real work. A bad cold is hovering around my throat. It's been hovering around for the last four days. Which is why I'm complaining a lot. I'm freakingly tired. I've been drinking water which makes me pee every 5 minutes but hell, I am freakingly passionate about my work and I will not do mediocre!

Maybe it's just me fighting ADHD? and succumbing to my OC?

The Viking wants me in Denmark. Makes me wish I were.

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