My honey won!

I got the news the first hour the final show aired. I have spies watching way before it showed on my own TV. So I am just sooooo happy he won. I want to buy his first album - me who never buy albums! And I want to buy his next album. And the next. And the next! Simon Cowell said that David Cook is the type of artist he would like to hear for his own personal entertainment. I so agree with him. I love listening to him being interviewed. He uses words like chagrin and albeit in ordinary conversations. Hehehe. I get easily impressed with men who has a way with words.

Now that the show has ended, I get hungry for news of how his career is doing. It's almost becoming a really bad infatuation bordering on obsession. Can't help it. I sooo love his voice. And it doesn't help any that he has a degree in Graphic Design, is a word geek and has a birthday two days before mine. Hay!

I need this addiction to wear off soon. I need new inspiration. So I'm looking forward to the Sex in the City movie - hehehe.

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