Weather weather lang

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the past week. Literally. I haven't done anything productive. Managed to grab a few minutes of study here and there but nothing seems to stick. It's the unexpectedly early rainy season. It is supposed to be sunshine and extremely hot during May but all we are getting are storm signals, flood reports, heavy winds and rain in the early morning. I like it because it's cool. But the cooler it gets, the more less likely I'm inclined to work.

My current project is moving at a snail's pace. We are waiting for something so my client has given me license to procrastinate. I can even work on other projects but I haven't closed the deal with those yet. I thought I will be very busy this month. But well, who doesn't like time off, right?

Me. Hahaha.

The time off doesn't really bother me. I welcome it once in awhile. But projects hanging unfinished do. I'm the person who reads a book, finds out that the plot sucks, but needs to know how it ends anyway. I get overly frustrated when a book doesn't have a last page after I've read the whole thing. I have managed to squelch this overly OC symtoms but a bit of it manages to sneak in most unexpected moments. Like hanging projects. Whistle. whistle.

I'm playing Zuma. I can't touch my project and still waiting for the next one. As cool as this part of the planet maybe - really nice and cozy - I'm bored.

Sabi na kuya Kim, ang buhay aypa weather-weather lang.

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