Law of Attraction

Like most of women's thoughts, it originated from one episode of Oprah. They were discussing the book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. And my sister insisted that she needed that book. And someone gave it to her on her birthday. Was she the wiser after reading it? Na-ah!

I've been preaching The Secret since I started my small business. But it was not Rhonda Byrne's words but those of Paulo Coelho of the Alchemist. If you've been reading this blog, you must have spotted it more than once since I tend to repeat myself a lot. Anyway, I really believe in it. What you think, you attract. You work towards your passion and the world will conspire to give it to you. It does happen.

Okay, you might say that it does not apply to all aspects of life. As my friend has aptly put it: "Girl, what have you been thinking all these years that has made you remain single?" - Gulp! My response: "Girl, I may have remained single but I have not ran out of love." wehehehe. What you think, you attract. Truth is I've been thinking of all the right things - so specific in fact - that it was impossible to attract it. I was thinking "Atticus Finch" - and he is as dead as the character in the book. So much for wanting the right guy.

Anyway, something really nice happened to my friend this month. She's in her forties, single and without even looking for it, she bumped into her perfect guy :) So how can the law of attraction apply to her? My theory is that she started to think of loving herself first. And when she did, she attracted the guy who loved her for who she is. Does that make sense? Hehehe. Maybe not.

But this I tell all of my friends. Love will come at any age. It doesn't matter when or how. When it feels right, it is. We just need to think it. Period.

Personally, I'm not giving up on my Atticus Finch. I hope the God or Goddess of the universe will understand that I meant the man the book represents and not a real guy. But hell, love will come. I think. I believe. Therefore, I attract.

Am I the wiser? Na-ah!


Marman said...

Wow...talk about high standards, that is one difficult guy to get a hold-off, he is the only fictional character I know that has been honored with a monument (except for Mickey mouse). I haven't read the book but I did saw the movie (Robert Duvall's first starring role I believe).
However, I think I've read enough of your stuff to tell that you have a heck of a brain in that noggin of yours, and I'll join you in your belief of pulling it off.

P.S. the title of the blog makes sense to me now, I thought its a reference to some hip chick thing.

ilongga70 said...

Another mind to contribute to the conspiracy. Yehey!