Things We Lost in the Flood

Back at work after a week's recovery from the flood. Been cleaning and scrubbing all week. My back hurts, my hands and feet cramped. Can't even bend my fingers. But I'm in good spirits. My family and friends are all safe. We had salvaged what we can, cried and let go of the things we can't. We survived and we are luckier than most. Thanks be to God.

I will try to post possible charities you can donate to if you want to help those who need help. Internet accesss is not readily available for me at this point but we'll see. Will also post a more detailed scenario soon. Until then, satisfy yourself with pics. I'm sure there are plenty more online.


The Garage

My Dad's Fortresss

My Room

Cleaning Team Outfit


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Marman said...

This is terrible. Good for you, still being in good spirit... that is character. I've seen quite a few disaster online and on TV regarding the effect of the typhoon.
Hope things get better quickly for you, your family and friends.