Need Air

Since Friday, I've been reading the HTML Dog, The Best Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS by Patrick Griffiths. It is a 336 page book about things I already know but need to know more about. So I was determined to finish it. When the power went out, I moved outside because it was too warm to stick it out inside without a fan. My Dad had put up the old hammock and despite of the smell of dogs (I'm allergic to dog hair and asthmatic) I love reading out there. And I finished the book. When they had the power back on, I suddenly hated the inside of the house. Out there is where I'm supposed to be. Under the large green trees, the warm but moving wind and the smell of dogs.

I grabbed another book. Javascript this time. And went out of the house to read some more. But somehow, it just wasn't enough anymore. I wanted to walk. Just walk anywhere. Under the trees. I just need to feel air around me. So I did. Walked to my friend's house and we talked about everything and nothing under the sky and I walked home again when it started to get dark.

Today, I just needed to get some air. I've just been too shut-and-locked-up for the past few days. And I just needed to breath again. Out there.

Even with the smell of dogs.

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marman said...

I hear you. I work in a 4x4 meter room and although I hardly feel the time pass by, when I do notice it I make it a point to take a walk. Good thing that a park is just outside the building.
Wait.. javascript? so when you say "web developer" you do mean web developer... not just eye candy but scripting, the whole enchilada. Even server side scripting?