Better or Worse

My work load is better this week. Bearable and manageable. Last week was not only stressful, it was damn exhausting. But better this week. Much.

But I'm sick this week too. The side effects of stress and early morning naps before heading off to work. I was kinda floating around in a daze last week. But I feel a flu coming in. And my brain is friggin' dry. And I have pain a whole lot of areas that I didn't know I had. So I might feel worse this week. Much.

I'm not really sure.

By the way, I went out with my primary school classmates last week. It was an impromptu get together. Some of us haven't seen each other for about 25 years. So it was a bit strange. And a bit awesome too. Great catching up with who's doing what and where. But here's a statistic which I think should alarm our generation: Out of the seven who came to that reunion, only one remained married. The other six either had an annuled marriage, is separated, or stayed single. Hmmmmmmm. One of us said that our age group seems to have an expiration date when it comes to relationships. Should I worry that my generation can't stay married or just refuse to get married? Hmmmmmmm again. One thing is for sure, we are more liberal than our parents were; our women more independent. But that doesn't say much about our generation does it? :)

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

And no, my laptop's name is not Hyun Joong. It's Atticus. I decided that since I can't speak Korean or even Chinese, then I shouldn't give anything I own a name I wouldn't be able to read if I see it ;) So Atticus it is :)

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