He Flies Back

Two years ago, a crow perched itself by my window and we had a lovely time. Out of the blue, he flew back in and nothing seems to have changed. Well, maybe except me - hahaha. I love interesting conversations. Kahit walang seryoso na pinaguusapan. Was is in the movie Benjamin Button, that said: We never seem to remember the names of the people who make a significant impact in our lives? Or something to that effect? Button was referring to the lady who taught him how to play the piano in the retirement home?

crow: hi miss beautiful. hoy gising
me: sino ka?
crow: oy di na ko kilala
me: sino ka nga?
crow: hulaan mo
me: hint
crow: make a guess
me: pahingi nga ng clue
crow: im from manila.
me: um ... ikaw si Erap? hahaha
crow: try again
me: ur from Ateneo?
crow: im not that rich
me: UP then
crow: someone u love
me: hahahaha. laking clue yun (finally realizing who he was and nothing to do with his clue – bwahaha)
crow: oh, im not the only one
me: ur from Santo Tomas. formerly Batangas boy ka. u worked in Iloilo for sometime. got into trouble. got religious and moved back to manila. but for the life of me, i cant even remember ur name. tama ba?
crow: yap, you got it baby
me: ano nga pangalan mo?
crow: (bleep)
me: (bleep) ba? buhay ka pa pala. wer ka na ngayon?
crow: nasa makati ulit, naghahanap ulit ng gulo
me: haha. nasa nature mo naman yata yun eh
crow: ang galing naman how you describe me "got religious and moved back to manila"
me: hahaha. I introduced you to the adoration chapel. yun yung naalala ko
crow: yes, and thanks for that, it helped me a lot during that time
me: good. pogi points sa heaven for me. if there is a heaven
crow: galit ka na naman ba sa mundo? the way you speak up parang may galit ah
me: on the contrary. i love the world. i love life. i just dont believe in religion nor marriage nor ... marami pa. iniba mo yata ang paningin ko sa buhay eh. kaya kasalanan mo to.
crow: ako na naman, sinasabi ko na nga ba
me: o di ba. at least lasting yung memory mo kahit di maremember yung pangalan hahaha
crow: e bakit ako, di ko nalilimutan pangalan mo
me: pero convenient nga that i have my name onscreen di ba
crow: can we change the topic and discuss something more significant
me: hahaha. which is?
crow: ewan ko
me: ano nga ba significant ngayon? con-ass? ang sakit ni Cory? Ah1n1? lovelife mo na lang kaya? ayun significant yun
crow: kumusta ang love life mo ngayon
me: sabi ko lovelife mo
crow: naalala ko lang ng andyan pa ako, tayong dalawa. do u still remember?
me: ay oo. I was young. It wont happen again
crow: your response is so cold, i feel it, bakit kaya
me: hahaha. cold ba? di uy
crow: yon yong pakiramdam ko, parang bale wala sa yo
me: as i recall, what we had was what it was. nothing more, nothing less (his own words two years ago :P ). di naman cold yun. ganun lang talaga yun
crow: oo nga. kailan kaya mauulit yon
me: eto talaga
crow: punta ka naman dito sa manila
me: i did. didnt know where to find u. kaya umuwi na lang ako
crow: sayang ah. kailan yon. ngayon pwede na, sabihin mo lang kung pupunta ka dito
me: sige. next trip ko yata 2015 pa eh. hehe
crow: buhay pa kaya ako. sige lang pag nagpunta ka dito prompt mo ko, pag nagpunta ako dyan sabihin ko sa yo
me: opo (bleep). got to go. work pa ko. alis ko early office ngayon
crow: mamaya na lang kung kailan gumaganda ang kwentuhan, saka naman mawawala
me: cant help it if I'm interesting
crow: I dont get you
me: (in my mind – Um ... You never did :) ) hahaha. cge na bye na. mag pakabait ka ha
crow: how can i contact you?

And so it ends again. As fast as the wind sweeps in, so it sweeps out - hahaha. No regrets :)

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