Canon Rocks

I'm not much of a heavy metal music fan but if I hear something familiar with a twist, I prick my ears quickly. Just like when David Cook put his twist on Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby".

Anyways, I found a new favorite. I saw Hyun Joong perform this on You Tube but my nephew told me that the original version was performed, arranged and played by a certain Taiwanese boy named Jerry Chang. I've listened to the other versions, others probably better than the first but you can't take away the honor of being first from the FIRST! So Kudos to Jerry C. I really love this.

"Canon Rock" is a neo-classical metal arrangement of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D major by the Taiwanese musician and composer Jerry Chang (JerryC). The composition contains a variety of melodic licks (more suitable for the advanced guitarists), showing Jerry's unique way of phrasing and his finger dexterity. The piece became popular on the internet after a video of JerryC playing the piece was posted online. The rendition has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and television shows. The re-arrangement was composed within two weeks.

The most famous of the Canon Rock versions is by the South Korean guitarist Lim Jeong-hyun, also known as “funtwo”, his Internet alias.

I loved the arrangement so much, I cried! I told my nephew that I want him to play this song at my funeral - hahaha. And my epitaph would say: "Don't think you can keep me down here!" :)

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