Premature Anticipation

So I was expecting to work on 6 jobs this weekend. In anticipation for the long weekend ahead, I got drunk with the Mission impossible Squad at Club 21 Friday night. We wanted to prove to our superheroes that we superwomen can have a night off on our own. So we kidnapped the superkids and hijacked one villain, had dinner and headed off to Smallville on our own. Poor guys had to use their supervision to look for us but we got found out anyway and so the fun began. We laid out one rule: That we get to dance with utmost abandon. So no slow songs were allowed. And boy did we swing! I was thinking of posting pics here ... but I can't ... the pics were incriminating and can be used against us in the court of law - hahaha. And I think I was too drunk to get a decent shot for the books. But we promised a slideshow to be shown on our Christmas Party on December. :) No escape for our superguys.

So Saturday was a struggle to wake up, but I did and started on the first job as early as 9am I think. Then I waited for my data ... and waited ... and waited .... but they never came. So ended up sleeping in the afternoon. Then Yasmin called, and promised me a movie. So I headed off to SM City at 6pm to meet my high school bud. After buying my large hankies, some pairs of socks and promoting my optical glasses to yet another grade, had a bunwich and hot choco with Yasmin. After which we waited in line for the Stupid Movie - wait, the correct title would be "The Age of Stupid" which wasn't a stupid movie at all since it was a campaign to save the environment. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how tired I was until I fell asleep :) Good thing Yasmin was understanding enough. Plus I had the music video saved already in my mp3 - Beds are Burning :D

So went home really late and read some blogs. Still no data so I was able to get to the last few episodes of Amazing race 13 (Dallas is so dreamy). And again fell asleep with my laptop on.

Woke up at 4am to get some work done. No data still so worked on other jobs that didn't require data. Then at about 8am, I was told that we were to have lunch with relatives at Breakthrough. I was promised Talaba (Yay Nang Ating!) and I knew that Breakthrough has a kick-ass crab meat. So had to get ready by 10am and was picked up by brother to fulfill our filial obligations.

At 2pm, found myself with sisters at SM City again. Found two blouses I couldn't resist and had to buy a box of Yakashii sushi for dinner (yumyum). Then headed home, worked for about four hours and ended the day with the Phantom of the Opera on TV (lovely lovely Gerard Butler) and blogging. Sigh, I still have to check my FB account for DC pics my brother sent but that can wait.


It was still a busy weekend but it wasn't all work. Maybe God thinks I just needed balance? :) Had a little bit of evrything this weekend.

um, yeah, I forgot about my 3-month alcohol fasting. Sorry about that. It can't be helped ;)

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