Quiet lang me

from: www.timesonline
The reason I haven't said anything about Ondoy and the coming typhoon Peping for the past week in any of my blogs or social networks ... is because it scares me to just think about it. I am not passive. Just terrified.

I went through this just last year - dragging self neck-deep in strong current with what you can carry - in muddy waters - with just a rope for a lifeline. I was lucky and blessed with a strong family and an even stronger network of friends. I can't bear it that others have to go through worse. It's just terrible. So this is hopefully the first and last time I'm ever going to say anything about it.

Praying for the victims. Bitching about disaster response time will not help anyone. I can do a lot more without having to say anything. There are a lot more good samaritans letting the world know what's to be done.

So quiet lang me.


totomel said...

calamities like these are chilling to hear because they cause anxiety among the people. yet on the brighter side, they also prompt good samiratans to reach out and turn devils into angels. sometimes i think calamities are not just meant for destruction, but a constant reminder of something as well.

btw, i already linked you to my new site. i really enjoy blogger than wordpress.

see you tomorrow :)

ilongga70 said...

Thanks for the link. Been loving blogger for five years.

Would it be too naive to hope that it wouldn't take a calamity to bring people together to do good?