This is the sound of settling

Is the world in utter state of dissatisfaction? Or is it just me?

My friends came to visit 'The Shut-in' last Sunday after mass. 'The Shut-in' - being me - stays home while the rest of the Catholic community goes to church Sunday mornings. So Lea (angelic BFF who's going to change the world), makes it a point to drop by since my house is just a short walk from the chapel. And another friend BB (bedeviled BFF who is the current authority for conscientious behavior), after dropping relief goods (now occupying my family's living room floor) for typhoon victims, stopped by too with her boyfriend. Ah, I love my friends dearly for thinking of me when they're praying to God - hahaha.

And we chatted a bit about ... well, things that cannot be spoken aloud on blogs and such - things that all three of us seems to be going through. Anyway, I served them blue salad and they liked it; confirming that I, hopeless cook extraordinaire, can mix a salad after all and will not make future husband go hungry :)

And the talk led us to a lot of other different topics that tied my brain to keep repeating itself. Basically it just underlined my restlessness, my need for change, my need to be significant to something, my need to break the sound of settling. baa baah! baa baah! Sigh. I got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots :) Me thinks I need a vacation.

Here's my new theme song for the month of October. Baa baaahhhhhh! Baa baaah! Hurray Death Cab for Cutie!!!

I've got a hunger
Twisting my stomach into knots
That my tongue was tied off

My brain's repeating
"if you've got an impulse let it out"
But they never make it past my mouth.

Baa bah, this is the sound of settling
Baa bah, baa bah

Our youth is fleeting
Old age is just around the bend
And i can't wait to go grey

And I'll sit and wonder
Of every love that could've been
If I'd only thought of something charming to say.

Baa bah, this is the sound of settling
Baa bah, baa bah

I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots.


As we speak, I have the song repeating itself over and over again in iTunes. This is more than just the last song syndrome. Baa baah! Baa baah!

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