Been experiencing several allergy attacks. It's driving me crazy. Can't think right if I'm itching. Will post a more noteworthy note later.

Watched two great movies during the weekend. The first was a French film called "I Loved You So Long". I like the subtlety and quiet of European films - makes emotion so much more intense for some reason. And I love the simplicity of the ending. It stars Kristin Scott Thomas who displayed a powerful performance. Must see.

The other one was also European - Romanian but more disturbing. It was called "Four months, Three Weeks and Two Days" - all about a girl helping her friend get an abortion. The plot was simple but the emotional load - a bit heavy. But I liked it because I kept thinking about it even after it was over.

My friends and I got ourselves a theme song "because we were that girl too". It's called "Beautiful Flower" by India Arie. Check it out.


Primomel said...

heard of these two European Films from my from my friend and judging from what you wrote here, i couldnt help but wish see them for my self. should you still be good to me, i wish i could borrow your copies.hehehe

PS: Migrated to new site: http://straightprimate.blogspot.com/

I hope i can be at peace there. =)

Daphn3 LaurA said...

I agree with your assessment about "il ya longtemps que je t'aime" - the French film. Kristen Scott Thomas's performance was pretty intense even though she didn't say much during the entire film. As for the Romanian film, I'm still on the outlook for a good copy with suitable English subtitles. It is very difficult to find them.

Duds said...

I have good copies. Mel, will drop by and give it to you.

Daphne, wish it was small enough for email or file download but it's a bit huge. But I do have good subtitles.