Couch Potato

So I've been spending my nights on the long black couch, laptop balanced on my stomach, coffee on the side table and TV on mute. I wait for Pinoy Biggest Loser which airs at ten during weekdays and pass the time reading blogs, experimenting codes and looking at pics of half-naked men. That last part was not intentional. There just happens to be half-naked men on some of the blogs I read because they're promoting albums that seem to require them to be half-naked. Not that I mind. Lol,

Anyway, Friday night and here I am again. A friend texted and invited me for a drink but I didn't feel like dressing up so I ignored the text. Our friend Glen gave us free tickets to the Sarah Geronimo-Martin Nievera Concert but we gave it away. It just feels right to stay home tonight and watch Robin Padilla move on screen without a voice. It just feels right to be typing here with my re-formatted laptop and not worry about anything else. No talk. Minimum movement. Visually full.

Ahm show about to start. Maybe will talk to you later. Or maybe Monday when I start this whole thing all over again after the weekend break.

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