Any questions for Ben

I love long holidays. Spent this Monday morning cleaning my room a bit. Moved my bed a few inches then I'm done. Kidding. Then spent the afternoon teaching a friend how to use Photoshop. I was rewarded with chocolate cake and coffee. Yup, I get paid pretty well by just talking. Haha. When I got home I had this Australian movie waiting for me.

I love the soundtrack. I love a movie with a great soundtrack - sometimes I remember the soundtrack more than I remember the movie but this one is a chick flick you'd want to see.

The lead character is into product re-branding and marketing - which is probably why I can relate. Made me ask the same questions though. Why am I doing what I'm doing. Sucks! LOL. But really, what AM I Doing? But that merits another blog post so let's set that aside for now.

I was never an Aussie fan. The accent disorients me somehow but the movie is ... cute - not entirely "You've Got Mail". More like British humour with Hugh Grant, without the drama. The comedy gets me chuckling which is great on a quiet evening holiday. Oh, and keep watching when the credits comes up because I find that part strikingly funny and apt. Too many good looking people in this film though. I think that's my only complaint. The script was charming, sometimes witty. Josh Lawson plays the lead as Ben - he's appealing in all the right ways. Rachael Taylor, the love interest is a pretty little thing - I love her clothes  - all of them! I love them so much I hate them! You get my drift. As I said, too many good-looking people in this movie.

So you want to know the meaning of life? Ask Ben.

And with that, let's listen to the songs in the soundtrack :) Yey!

All Right Now by Free

Are You Still Having Fun by Eagle-Eye Cherry

Time of the Season by the Zombies

Ain't That A Kick in the Head by Dean Martin

More Than A Feeling by Boston

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