The sun always shines on TV

If I allow myself to go to my dark place, I feel that I'm stuck in a land of missed opportunities and get constantly sucked back in like sago in a straw every time I try to pull myself out. It's the weight gain, the constant working, the insufficient budget and the house falling apart. I have to continuously remind myself that the best thing about life is that you can always start all over again. Tsk tsk tsk. Will need to listen to some Adele after this.

It's a long weekend and I'm so happy that apart from my small workload this weekend, I can actually squeeze in a bit of R&R. So I have parts of my weekend planned and on the list are vital stay-still-as-an-eggplant activities - or rather non-activities :) Yey!

So I began my early weekend after work Friday. My sister and I walked from SM City to home. We've been doing this for three days during the week just to get some exercise. So we would walk, bags in tow but in running shoes and jeans from the office to the Diversion Road. Last Friday, we got a ride from work friends and landed on SM City. So we walked from there to Mandurriao cutting across the new Mega World road where a sign confirms that road is passable for pedestrians between 6:30-8am, 11am-1pm and 4:30-6pm. I like open spaces and that was one route I'd like to pass again.

When I got home, had a quick dinner and headed back to SM City with my guy friends from CROSS to watch Bourne Legacy (SPOILER ALERT!). I don't really know how the world liked the movie but I'm easy to please. I love the scenes shot in the Philippines. I always wondered why they never bothered to shoot Bond movies here when there are so many places to hide here LOL. I mean our police can't even find Rolito Go when he gets kidnapped - imagine the possibilities of James Bond hiding out around here. Anyway, I especially love the scenes in the shanties, the climbing using protruding kabilya, tight-rope walking on electricity cables, jumping on galvanized iron roofs which surprisingly did not collapse. And the scene where Weisz was trapped in a narrow passage way and Renner sliding through with his foot for friction - hehe. That was exciting. And may I just mention the motorcycle race with Manila traffic - hmmm, might give riding in tandems ideas for escape though - oh well. I'd like to see Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross meet. Oh I love Jeremy Renner. I've loved him since Hurt Locker, The Town and Mission Impossible. I love that he doesn't look as suave as Bourne and that he is somewhat more human for an assassin. And Rachel Weisz - well, she's married to James Bond - she's got to be more than perfect to pull that stunt.

To continue, I worked all morning to finish my small jobs so I could get to the tough ones today. I had a three-hour nap yesterday - and I read in FB that a nap is not more than 90 minutes and if it's that long it's called a lazy man's nap. I'd like to be called lazy even just for three hours.

I spent Saturday evening singing with high school friends in Highway 21. We belted out the Bohemian Rhapsody like we owned the place. Yup, the 80's have unmatched music for lyrics that don't really make sense but we didn't care anyway. Here's a question: What does "Take On Me" mean? There was a discussion that maybe the meaning was lost in translation because A-ha was a Norwegian band and didn't really speak English.

Early this morning my sister and I took the baby and checked out the newly opened Esplanade. We need to plan our walking route home. It's narrower now but great for jogging. Still too many people though but that's because it's quite new. Wait a few more months then it goes to the serious joggers. Looking forward to start jogging there again. I need to get in shape.

Will turn off the TV and the computer after I get my work done. The sun may shine in TV but it's brighter and warmer outside.

And work begins ...

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Daphn3 LaurA said...

Oh hey I lurveeee Jeremy Renner as well :D