Left an office meeting-filled Friday only to dodge cars, bikes, karitons and people traffic because of the Dinagyang opening salvo. Met my dentist and had my teeth electrocuted and examined in preparation for oh-my-God I’m-too-old-for-these braces. Left dental office only to discover that taxis have become extinct and rare jeepneys are flowering with boys with drums and spears. So had to walk, a mile, ten miles – can’t remember because it seems like the length of the Great Wall, and was eventually rescued by cousin who gave me a ride to the nearest pit stop. Had a contemplative two rides to Eric’s Talabahan to join three single fair-skinned females already devouring two pantats (catfish - salamat doc!) and crab meat. Examined the intricacies of ex-boyfriends, present beaus, starting-over issues, the bliss of being single and the long possibilities of dating. Was unaware that next table was listening to our philosophies of love and life. Whispered rest of conversation among muffled laughter and found need for a more private hide-away to share valued viewpoints. Took car to Messe to remove after taste of talaba with Turtle Pie and brewed coffee - mmmmmmm - till the wee hours of the morning. Got home in better spirits and in caffeine stupor. It’s 2:30am and too early for bed. TGIF. Can sleep till kingdom come in the morning.

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