I'm taking a break from too much thinking. If I don't, I'm going to sink into self-pity and we can't have that. I slept early last night - very tired from everything. I woke up at about 3 in the morning to the sound of loud rain. It slowly died down to a drizzle until all you could hear is the pitter-patter on the large leaves just outside my window. Makes me think of horse's hooves on cobbled streets. Not that I've ever been on any cobbled street before. It's just how I imagined it I guess. I wished that moment would last longer. And I wish there was a big lug of a Viking sharing the warmth. I stayed awake till it was time to get ready for work.

Three of my officemateys are absent today. One is sick, the second has a son who is sick, and the third, my semi-boss had just had his first baby boy. So life moves on because there is still love in the world.

The ebb and flow of life. Someone wrote that somewhere.

It's so quiet in the office and all you can hear is me typing on the keyboard and the Binoculars' Deep song going ohwooo- ohwooo - ohwooo-oh-oh-ohwooo.

God's grace is sufficient. Ohwooo.


Abster said...

Take a rest. Sometimes, we do need a break even if what we did was mostly a mental marathon...

scott said...

Hi Ilongga, your banner sounds great!
I have been itching to change mine- it is not pretty.
You can e-mail it to me as a gif file/j-peg:

mellowyellow said...

You sound very blue, hope things get better, have a great weekend!