Do you know?

  • ... the name of the female counterpart of Mazinger-Z?

  • ... why Julie Yap Daza would write a book called Etiquette for Mistresses?

  • ... why women pluck their eyebrows only to line them with pencils again?

  • ... why sex is regarded as a ‘taboo’ word by most Filipinos? Or maybe that theory doesn't apply anymore.

  • ... why love this one guy a thousand miles away when there’s a thousand single men one mile away from you?

  • ... why they create E-books when there’s absolutely nothing that can replace print on paper?

  • ... why postpone something you want NOW?

  • ... why an eight-year old would find Time magazine good reading material? My nephew is a bit weird.

  • Why love when you know you can get hurt? – I thin I know this one but hate to admit it (smile)

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