Photo Friday:Complexity

Miagao Church, Miagao, Iloilo

I spent a lot of time in this church a few years back. The whole front has been manually carved in limestone. It has been restored block by block and the whole front facade has been listed in the World Heritage list. It's a church with a lot of history. There's a tunnel under it that leads towards the beach. People used that tunnel to escape from the Japanese soldiers during the war. Now it's too dangerous to go down that tunnel but you can still find the entryway hidden by a large baptismal font.

A friend of mine got a very public marriage proposal here. LOL. After mass before the people took leave the guy asked everyone to stay and proposed to my friend in front of everybody with a microphone at the altar. It was suppose to be very romantic. But my friend was so overwhelmed, surprised and embarassed, she couldn't answer and just sort of shrunk in her seat. A very long silence followed. The guy went down finally because he didnt get a public Yes. Good thing they're getting married on December. :)


Anonymous said...

From Harmonia:
Interesting Photo.

How are you!? I keep missing you in the village. I sent you an IM at EZ Board a few weeks ago, wasn't sure if you got it. Hope all is well.


Outburst said...

Wow, that is crazy detailed!

mellowyellow said...

Oh I think that was romantic! I would have been jumping up and down shouting yes at the top of my voice! Ha! Have a happy weekend!