Photo Friday: Somber

The picture looks the way I feel now. Dark and dreary. I haven't touched the computer for 24 hours. And my room is in this somber mood.

Been battling asthma for the past three days. Decided to stay home today and sleep it off. I'm not feeling any better even if I had some of the orange-flavored medicine; like a good girl. But I guess it will take longer than that to feel better. The temperature changes constantly because of rain that comes and goes where the wind takes it. The climate change is a nightmare to those who have asthma. Unfortunately I no longer have the nebulizer. My brother took it with him to Manila because he has a worse case of asthma than I do. Would die for a smoking nebulizer right now. I have a terrible headache and my joints hurt at my every move. Cancelled my dental appointment for braces tightening because everything just hurts. I need my Ventolin fix. Now where do I steal a nebulizer?


shawnazon said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

denden said...

get well gurl. ingats