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I'm a planner and from a quiz I took during a project development training - I'm better when I work alone. That makes me a thinker. So I really hate instant assignments. And I especially hate assignments that I have no idea how to do.

My older sister has started this wedding planner business. I know I should be all supportive and I am all for that as long as I don't have to deal with people. That might make me very anti-social but no, I'm not really. People just terrify me. If I knew them well, I wouldn't have any problems but people I don't know and I have to direct in some way or another ... that really makes me uncomfortable. That's why I work with computers - they don't talk back. So if I lose my patience, I don't have to pretend to smile.

Anyway, my sister is planning a wedding for a friend of ours tomorrow. She was asked to provide someone who will "direct" the picture-taking part of the wedding. They already have a photographer. They just need someone to "direct" the picture-taking. Which I really feel ... strongly about ... as a very stupid idea. Why direct a picture-taking ceremony? Aren't pictures better if they are candid and very natural? Shouldn't it be the photographer's job to do such things?

Now, my sister, seeing my interest in photography - thinks I'm the right person for this job. Maybe I should see this as a learning experience since I do want to learn photography. But grrrrr ... this is ridiculous! And the wedding is tomorrow! And she just told me today. I mean, how hard can it be, right?

As I said, I hate instant assignments. And I especially hate assignments I have no idea doing. I hate bitching. But can I bitch when I want to.

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Ilonga Maam:

sometimes you need to learn how to handle emergencies. not all times will be handling planned activities but most often, unexpected things come in to my life.

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