Who would have thought blue could turn into pink?

My sister and I got stranded on the mall across our office because of the strong rain last night. It flooded the mall driveway which resulted to people getting wet and lots of car traffic. We spent three hours walking around until we finally got a ride somewhere else to get a cab. That, after spending money on siomai, iced tea and renting a bunch of VCDs we don't have time to watch. Bad decision really. I should have stayed at the office till the rain slowed to a drizzle. I could've gone blogging or maybe read a little. At least I avoided getting wet in the rain.

This morning was sunny and no sign of rain or flood. On my way to work, I saw a strange sight: a large jeepney driver pointing a finger and swearing right in the face of a traffic police officer who was writing his ticket. The puny officer looked furious but couldn't get a word in. I found it funny. A lot of people stopped to watch. My sympathy is with the puny officer. I think he just embarassed himself to the public. A grown man bullied by another grown man. A word to those who aspire to be traffic officers ... you need to have a thicker face and a much louder voice to succeed in that field. In a place like Iloilo, drivers are much more fearless - hehehe.

My congratulations to my friend who conquered Zambu and came back with her passport and her pride intact. A little shaken but had managed to close her doors to another chapter of her lovelife. Ah, the internet has secrets that will never be safe to the naive and the hopefull. Never trust a guy who refuses to show his face and breaks promises. And just because he's kind and sweet and thoughtful, it doesn't mean he is honest.

Ex-boyfriend called to invite me to dinner. He wanted to see if it's okay with me that he's planning on getting married. HIHIHIHIHI! I said I'm fine with it. That he doesn't need my permission. He said he hopes we could still be friends. I said "we are". It was him who decided to make himself scarce because of a wounded heart. He asked if my dad could be godfather to his wedding? I said yes, sure, but he will have to ask my Dad who I know will say yes. He wonders why I'm okay with it. I wonder why he thinks I should not be. Now, who has closure issues?

The blue to pink thing? It's a private joke. No, I'm not pregnant. And I don't plan to be any time soon. Or come to think of it, any time in the near future. But who would have thought that blue can turn to pink. Hihihihi.

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