Photofriday: Five

Hoarding a certain amount of coins they say is illegal. But I keep ending up with a bunch of 5 centavo coins in a drawer because I don't like to carry too many coins and they can't buy anything much anymore.

So when I gather too many, I string them into a necklace and send them to the bank. I should have taken the photo of the 5 centavo necklace too.


Harmonia said...

HI there! How are ya? The sisters miss you! I was wondering if you still had access to the board and if you wanted to bop in and say hi or if you were considering being active again. No pressure...I just wondered with you blogging more lately I wanted to make sure you knew that you were missed and are welcome to come back when you want and have time.

Let me know. :)

mellowyellow said...

Coins with holes! Cute wish we had tham here