I used to have time to go blogging when I'm at work. Now, the moment I sit down on my desk in the morning, I couldn't stop to think about anything else other than work - straight up to the last hour in the afternoon. Something always comes up - things to finish, things to start. And I have colored post-its that reminds me of what's next. They're sticking on my monitor like colorful banderitas on the eve of a town fiesta. I'm beginning to miss my ignorant days when I just stare at the monitor and didn't care what happens in the office as long as they pay me my salary. But now, I care. I want results. I want productivity. I want work. Okay ... now that's a bit scary. Is this how work-coholics become work-coholics? I have the symptoms. I'm now drinking more than my 1 cup a day. And I have 10-minute lunches after 1pm. And I stay at the office till 6:30pm.

The good news is I've stopped touching my computer back home. I'm getting tired of looking at monitors and started watching TV. Hehehe. Big change, right?

Anyway, things might go to normal next week. I've been taking classes on computer trouble-shooting every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at this Korean Organization that offers it for free. Since it's free, they make us huddle in this single computer unit where we take it apart, put it back together and turn it on till it starts resembling the computer we have back at the office. It will be ending next week so that gives me more time to ... do nothing. sigh.

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