Strawberry-filled forever

Paolo catching up on some history
Back from vacation. Last minute I got myself a cold and today, it has stepped up into an asthma attack. It's too early in the morning to be awake but here I am, typing away, with stuffy nose, a resounding cough, and a headache that theatens to strap me to my bed for ... i hope ... just a day. I was back to work yesterday. But it looks like I have to extend my vacation a wee bit longer. Darn it. Just got my office computer's RAM upgraded. And the confettis on my desk had an ominous semblance of a town fiesta. I must work. But I might turn everyone at work into the nose-blowing, cough-barking zombie that I am. So home I must be. Hopefully for just a day.

The vacation was great. A much needed change of scenery, people and best of all - responsibilities. Spent a day in Subic Bay, three days in Baguio and a few more days touring Manila. Took pictures of horses, strawberries, a pig's tombstone, trees - ahhhhhhhhhh, so many trees, a fireplace ... oh, and not to forget, took my 15 year old nephew to see Luneta for a brief historical tour. Had him pose catching Jose Rizal. Also caught the Ice Age 2 Movie at Gateway. Manny has got himself a Queen. I wonder what it would be like if you got stuck in an island with a mammoth of a man, and you need him to propagate the species. Ewwwww. All that hair. LOL. I guess, if you didn't have much choice, you don't get to be finicky. It's a small world, much like the Big Brother House.

Anyway, got home to find the fridge empty and the sugarbowl dry. Sigh. It's back to the real world. And this cold is not helping.

More on the vacation in the next few days. The sun has peeped in and is making everything bluish white. Signals me to go back to bed and rest my head. Work will have to wait.

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