Barking Drug Addict

I once posted a story about a guy coughing during a jeep ride. Hehehe. Now I know what it feels like. (And God laughs, sits back and enjoys the moment. I threw him a look and got humbled.)

I was riding to work this morning when something scratchy caught my throat and drove me to have coughing fits - LOUD coughing fits -- in a very crowded jeepney. I could feel the eyes looking at me in fear that I might spread the ebola fever that would take them away from all their valuable time. I could feel scowls that say, "What is she doing on a jeepney if she's sick? She's spreading HER GERMS!". And I could only cover my mouth and hope that my embarassment will not turn my face and ears into a very ripe tomato.

So I held on and hoped it stops. I was thinking of getting off even if it wasn't time yet so I could just cough away and feel better for all eternity. But there was no good place to stop. People are roaming around and I fear they'll think I have TB. I was thinking of taking a taxi but that would bite my wallet with cash intended for asthma meds which I still have. Sigh. I sucked it in and wished I had water. On my stop, I hurriedly went down and got out my inhaler. It wasn't the best solution but it was the nearest one I had. I felt better after I took it. The drug addict in me got my buzz and I rode my second jeep to work in peace.

From now on, I'm bringing a bottle of water wherever I go. Sigh. I really hate asthma.


scott said...

Slowly, once again, for us forry-ners- What is a *jeepney*?
I think I can figure it out, but then again, I may just be stupid...

ilongga70 said...

Jeepneys are mini buses - one of the major modes of transportation in my country.

Thanks for dropping by Scott.