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There was a break in my train of thought yesterday because of new developments in the work front. Anyway, to continue my review of the week that was ...

Sister-in-law left us DVDs of House, Season 1. I am addicted. Very difficult to pull myself away from the Dr. House and his cohorts to go to the office just when they are diagnosing a mafia patient who keeps dropping off into a coma and is turning out to be ... Tadah! Rustom Padilla! He's coming out through the witness protection program. Not as dramatic as the Pinoy Big Brother revelation, but nevertheless, convenient and effective. As Dr. HOuse believes, it is in human nature to lie, although I don't necessarily justify that as right. Being human doesn't excuse you from doing bad things. That's why we have an id.

Anyway, as much as I hate how he looks - no, the cane does not bother me - I totally love his brilliance. Of course, fictional characters are always attractive, but I can't help it ... I love Dr. House (blush blush blush). Next to him, I'd settle for Jesse Spencer who plays the very British Robert Chase. But he is much too young for me - hehehe.

I am currently reading Umberto Echo's The Name of the Rose. Some thoughts lifted from the book:
There is only one thing that arouses animals more than pleasure, and that is pain.

In support of Roger Bacon, who said that the aim of learning was also to prolong human life.

Because learning does not consist only of knowing what we must or we can do, but also of knowing what we could and perhaps should not do.

There are two other theological virtues as well. The hope that the possible is. And charity, toward those who believe in good faith that the possible was.

To you, who have been prohibited to read this blog, I miss you. And this missing you has driven me to your website even if just a glimpse of your name lets me know that your're still there and are ok.

What else? I know there's more but I can't think oof anything. Signs of times. I'm off.


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