Radio in Denmark

I've been lazy to write and busy with website design. I have a virtual "DO NOT DISTURB" sign outside my bedroom door and also one on my forehead when I'm at work. So sorry if I'm so silent.

If you're Danish, live in Denmark and want your 5 minutes of fame, my friend is looking for a radio announcer. He's tired. He needs a raise. And he needs time out to talk to me. Sooooooo ... try out at Radio Als . He tells me it's a long shot to advertise here but I have a weird feeling some Danish speaking Filipino or some poor Danish person in need of a job might for some strange reason run into this blog and read it. Of course, I almost always have weird feelings that don't mean anything anyway ... but hell! It's my blog and I will advertise whatever I want here. So there.

I will be off to Baguio next week. No work. Sigh. Just when I'm loving it, they send me away for a vacation. LOL. See you around folks!


mellowyellow said...

Happy Easter

Static Brain said...

I need a Do Not Disturb sign on my forehead too. LOL. Happy Easter.