The heat is on

And it's burning.

Spent the day under the hot sun with my camera, photographing very old churches with photography classmates. Yey! A year ago I was saddened that I was so alone in this hobby and I have no one to ask about my pictures except the Muslim and the people I meet in Flickr.com and PhotoFriday. I have joined three more photography groups online but work has been sooooooooooo ... that I can't even visit my favorite sites, let alone update my own site. Anyway, this will be a one week-one entry blog again. We will have four trainings scheduled on the next two weeks. I'm sacrificing my computer for the good of ... THE PROGRAM (awe, wonder, EGO LOL!). So I won't be online as much. Maybe I could steal time away from my sister who's been hoarding the internet back home. I don't go online back home. I feel so tired, I could only sit and watch reruns of 24. I don't even have the energy to read.

But since it's burning, I take baths every night. Ahhhhh, thank God for water!

My hair has reached the middle of my back. Which means I have to get a haircut very soon or else, be mistaken as a tianak .

Got to go. (Sings): Burning Burning ... DISCO INFERNO! Burning burning! ...

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mellowyellow said...

Its just started to be like spring here, not hot yet. Hope you are doing well